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Senior Management

Senior Management

Ms. Shang Hong: Deputy General Manager

Born in 1963, university graduate and Senior Engineer. Ms. Shang taught in the Civil Engineering Department of Nanjing Jinling Vocational University from July 1985 to May 1993. She joined the Company in June 1993 and has held various positions including Deputy Head and Head of the Planning Division of the Managing Department of the Company; Deputy Manager and Manager of the Investment Development Department of the Company and Assistant to General Manager. She is currently Deputy General Manager of the Company. Ms. Shang has been engaged in engineering management, investment analysis and project management for a long time. She was elected as a supervisor from staff representative on 30 July 2004 and appointed as a management member on 6 June 2008 (i.e. date of the 2007 annual general meeting) upon resignation as a supervisor.

Mr. Tian Yafei: Deputy General Manager
Born in 1966, university education. Mr. Tian joined the Company in September 1996 and has held various positions including Manager of Yang Cheng Hu Service Area of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Assistant Manager and Manager of Operation and Development Manger. He became Assistant to General Manager since February 2010. Mr. Tian has been engaged in the construction projects of G312 and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway since he started working and has long been engaged in the operation and management of expressways. He has extensive experience in operations management.

Mr. Yao Yong Jia: Deputy General Manager cum Secretary to the Board

Born in 1964, with a master degree, senior engineer. Mr. Yao joined the Company in August 1992. He has been Section Chief of the Jiangsu Provincial Communications Planning and Design Institute, the Jiangsu Expressways Command Office and the Securities Department, as well as Director of the Secretariat to the Board of the Company. Mr. Yao has professional experience and has been engaging in project management, investment analysis, financing and securities.

Mr. Li Jie:  Deputy General Manager
Born in 1970, with a bachelor degree, senior engineer. Mr. Li joined the Company in August 1992. He has been Deputy Manager and Manager of the Jiangsu Expressways Command Office, the Extension Project Command Office of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, and the Engineering and Technology Department of the Company.Ever since his career, Mr. Li has all the time engaged in engineering management and operation management,possessing extensive professional experience.

Ms.Yu Lan Ying    Financial  controller               
Born  in  1971,  has  master  degree  in  economics  with  credentials as a senior accountant and a certified public accountant. Ms. Yu joined the Company in May 2008. Prior to joining the Company, she has been the accountant of Nanjing Runtai Industrial Trading Company (南京潤泰實業貿易公司), Jiangsu United Trust and Investment Company (江蘇聯合信託投資公司) and Jiangsu Communications Holdings Company Limited. She has held various positions in the Company including deputy manager and manager of the  Finance  and  Accounting  Department,  and  has  been the vice financial controller since 2008. Ms. Yu has been engaged in the financial management since she started working and has extensive experience in financial management.

Mr.Wang Hong Wei   Assistant to the general manager
Born in July 1963, university graduate, post-graduate grade senior engineer. Mr. Wang currently serves as the assistant to general manager and manager of the Operation Management Department of Jiangsu Expressway Company Limited. Since 1996, he was a head of the Engineering Department of Jiangsu Expressway Company Limited, deputy manager and manager of the Operation Management Department. Since joining the Company, Mr. Wang has been engaged in expressway engineering and operation management with rich and professional experience in the operation and management of expressway engineering.


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